What Friendship Means To Me


What Friendship means to me is

Friendship is that part where you can rely on your friend and be there for them and share a bond no matter what. You can tell each other anything and they are there for you when you're sad or happy. You share each other's successes and accomplishments. You can drop everything and call them no matter what. You haven’t seen your best friend in a year and you pick up where you left off. Friendship is a blessing and your friends are like your second family!!

Friendship has changed my life in so many ways: my friends have helped me become a better person by being there for me and including me in everything. Without friends, we would be alone a lot. Friendship is the start of Best Buddies. Without friends, we couldn’t have Best Buddies!

Let me tell you about my college best buddy Paxton.

My best friend Paxton and I met at Vanderbilt University   Best Buddies! We hit it off right when we met. We hung out a lot and she got me to be an Honorary tri delta and I met a lot of people with her. We also love to travel together! My favorite memory of us is when we went to the Chicago area together and she took me to her hometown. We also went to Washington DC and had sleepovers together. She may live far away (in New York) but she always makes time to call me and for us to meet up! I can’t wait to see her in New York!  Or see her anywhere. We love to meet up and take so many pictures.  



When Jamie and I met seven years ago at Vanderbilt's Best Buddies kick-off event, I knew we were going to be great friends. We immediately bonded, and since then, we've shared so many wonderful memories. One of my favorites is when Jamie visited me in Chicago for the first time, and I was able to show her around my hometown and bring her to all my favorite spots (including Wrigley Field for a Cubs game!). No matter what we're doing, we always have the best time -- and many laughs.

Even though I left Tennessee three years ago after graduating from Vanderbilt, Jamie and I have maintained our friendship through texts, phone calls, and visits. Jamie is the kindest, sweetest friend I know and I feel so lucky to have her in my life. Thank you to Best Buddies for bringing us together!